April Goals

I know pretty much every blogger AND their nan is saying this… but is me or is this year literally FLYING by!? We are ALREADY in the fourth month of the year…

An Open Letter To… You!

Dear you, Yes you, reading this right now, maybe you’re on your laptop, cup of tea in hand having a browse, maybe you’re on your tablet in your pjs having a slow morning, or maybe you’re on your phone in a coffee shop or on your way somewhere and having a quick read on the…


If you follow me on Instagram or have read my recent Blog posts, you might know that I went PINK! Although the actual process of ‘going pink’ is pretty simple, the thought process behind this ‘bold hair colour’ is much deeper then “screw it!” so I thought I’d share with you what possessed me to…

A big fat Beauty Haul

As I mentioned in my Spring lips blog post… I am not really a makeup expert, but recently I have been falling in love all over agin with experimenting, injecting some colour and breaking the rules – as I always have! So recently, I took the plunge and went out to buy some things to…

TOP TEN APPS ON MY PHONE – Blogging and Life

If I have learnt one thing about myself these past couple months, its that I bloody love a good app. Shopping, is there an app for that? *downloads stores app* reading the bible, finding inspiration, organising my life, if theres an app for it… i got it.

Spring Lips!

I thought I’d let you in on the lipsticks I picked up for the spring time! I used to be absolutely obsessed with all things beauty but kind of fell out of love with it, while I won’t become you’re next beauty guru to follow, I have been enjoying experimenting a little more with colours and combinations recently! I especially love breaking the rules!

March Goals

This month my goals are based around getting my mojo back and more importantly, keeping it!

How to Find Motivation when you Work from Home

Working from home can be tough, whether you’re blogging, a photographer or a freelancer, student or anything that involves working from home! It can be tough to find the motivation to get to work especially when your bed is nice and warm and its cold outside and all you want to do is snuggle up and catch up on the sleep you’ve been missing out on!

This One Thing Changed My Life

I’m not telling you this to make you feel sorry for me, I am telling you this so that you understand I’m not some wishy washy crazy person promoting something thats not really going to help….

I have been obsessed with this £4 Primark T-Shirt

I am currently a little obsessed with all things t-shirts, graphic designs, embroided text and pictures, slogans, I am in love with it all, I was in Primark recently just poking around to kill some time when I found the particular t-shirt in question and when I saw it was £4 I was pretty bloody shocked.

The Pinterest Goals Trip to Brighton

Brighton is somewhere I had never been before, I’d always wanted to go.. So when we went to brighton we were pretty excited to put our new inspiration to the test, could we really do it ourselves? I think the answer is yes…

Interior Details – A Happy Corner

Please be warned, I am by no means any good at interior design or taking photos of interiors but I have been working on the little things in my room and this corner is finally complete, of course, as always with home improvement I don’t think you could ever be finished so naturally there are…