June Goals

HOW is it already June!!? We’re already six months into the year! I turn 20 years old this month! It’s crazy to think that it was six months ago that I was setting goals and intentions for the year ahead! Anyone else panicking that they haven’t done all that they had hoped by now? I know I feel that way, but that happens pretty much every year… we get to June and suddenly realise that we’ve done NOTHING!

A Journey to Mindfulness

Mindfullness is something I had heard about a lot online but never really thought to practice, I saw people share their good results but felt too busy to be mindful! One thing that a phycologist has said to me that has stuck in my mind is that we can be “too busy to be alive”….

A Spring Bucket List

We LOVE a list in this household! Making Seasonal Bucket Lists is something I got into last Christmas! I have recently been feeling pretty deflated and uninspired and the best cure for this for me has always been adventure!

Living in a Household as The Only Christian

For as long as I can remember I have always believed in God, it wasn’t pushed on me as  a child, I wasn’t sent to Sunday School, a Christian school or anything, I just KNEW for some reason that God was real and that I could talk to him… I think thats pretty cool. Although…

Why Chronic Fatigue Syndrome Means I Need To Choose My Friends More Carefully

I have written and rewritten and deleted and started all over again with this blog post several times now, it has sat in my drafts for months! All because I was worried about how I will come across to people but I have wanted to write it for a long time and no matter how many times I delete it from my drafts, it always ends up back there and if I don’t put it out into the world i think i might explode! Also… I feel the need to explain it, I don’t know why, maybe to justify it somehow but here we are! 

Can You Grow as a Newbie or is it REALLY just TOO crowded?

I have officially been a rubbish blogger recently. Between changing my room into my Pinterest / Blogger DREAMS (photo tour to come soon) and trying to prefilm as many videos as possible for May so that I can work on my ‘secret project’ my attention has simply been elsewhere… I wish that were the case, I WISH they were the only problems!

April Goals

I know pretty much every blogger AND their nan is saying this… but is me or is this year literally FLYING by!? We are ALREADY in the fourth month of the year…

An Open Letter To… You!

Dear you, Yes you, reading this right now, maybe you’re on your laptop, cup of tea in hand having a browse, maybe you’re on your tablet in your pjs having a slow morning, or maybe you’re on your phone in a coffee shop or on your way somewhere and having a quick read on the…


If you follow me on Instagram or have read my recent Blog posts, you might know that I went PINK! Although the actual process of ‘going pink’ is pretty simple, the thought process behind this ‘bold hair colour’ is much deeper then “screw it!” so I thought I’d share with you what possessed me to…

A big fat Beauty Haul

As I mentioned in my Spring lips blog post… I am not really a makeup expert, but recently I have been falling in love all over agin with experimenting, injecting some colour and breaking the rules – as I always have! So recently, I took the plunge and went out to buy some things to…

TOP TEN APPS ON MY PHONE – Blogging and Life

If I have learnt one thing about myself these past couple months, its that I bloody love a good app. Shopping, is there an app for that? *downloads stores app* reading the bible, finding inspiration, organising my life, if theres an app for it… i got it.

Spring Lips!

I thought I’d let you in on the lipsticks I picked up for the spring time! I used to be absolutely obsessed with all things beauty but kind of fell out of love with it, while I won’t become you’re next beauty guru to follow, I have been enjoying experimenting a little more with colours and combinations recently! I especially love breaking the rules!