Welcome to Synerjes

Hello and welcome to my Blog.

This is me:

So, you are probably wondering what this is all about, Synerjes etc.
So let me enlighten you.
Have you ever heard of the word synergy?

Well, synergy (as stated above) essentially, is the idea of different things coming together to produce something really awesome.
So, I took synergy and had a little play around with it and created Synerjes.
The reason my name has been oh-so-subtly inserted into the word is not for some egotistical reason… well obviously a little of that, but as a reward to myself. So I can look back and say “I did that!” and be proud.

So, as this is a Blog, I suppose I should tell you some little things about me, that way you will get to know me and as this grows so will our friendship! :).

  1. I cannot STAND spiders, they creep me out, I don’t like them, they are weird and ugh! *shivers*
  2. I also don’t like clowns, they are also creepy.
  3. I really like chocolate. A lot, I am not joking!
  4. My passion lies within photography and film making. But I enjoy nothing more than editing a photo or a video and seeing the end product and being able to look and it and say, “I did that”
  5. One thing that my family says that is the most annoying thing about me is my stubbornness….
  6. On thing they admire/like about me is my ability to work hard.

Let me know things about you in the comments,
and remember,
work hard, have fun, make a difference!


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