Daily Photo Challenge

I’ve had an idea, I think it might just be a good one…

So, the Daily Photo Challenge, an idea I had whilst sipping tea and working on an essay, here’s the concept in short:
I take a picture everyday, and share it on my Blog for you to see.

(Is this already a thing? It probably is… but if it isn’t Hey-Ho! I’ve created something! If it is… I’m still excited about it!)

Now let me elaborate, being an aspiring photographer and film maker, I take photo’s on a daily basis, but I wanted to challenge myself. The idea is for each photo to say something about my day, convey emotions (for example if I was having a really rubbish day or a really happy day, you’d get that from the picture) and also let you know the kind of thing that I’ve been up to.

The reasoning behind this task is so that I can challenge my self everyday, learn new skills and grow as a photographer.

I hope you like this idea and would like to join me on this little journey!

It’s almost like a daily diary entry but in pictures, and you know what they say.. “A picture speaks a thousand words!”
Don’t fret though! I still have Blogs planned which just means you’ll get two Blogs in one day!

Let’s see if I can keep this up and if you want to join me my Instagram is @Jessica_vh_photography and you can send me your daily photo’s with the hashtag #DailyPhotoChallengeWithJess


This is today’s photo, I spent some time walking my doggies and really tried to appreciate the nature that is right on my doorstep!

Thanks for reading and hope to see you soon for more Daily Photo Challenges!

Remember, work hard, have fun, make a difference.


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