Daily Photo Challenge #2

We are only on the second day of this challenge – that I set myself – and I was already contemplating whether I was going to post anything. What a wonderful start!

See, today I didn’t go into sixth form, I took the day off ill and had to rest up otherwise things were only going to get worse.

For the most part of the morning it rained, then it brightened up and I have to say I hated not being outside. I dislike the days where I don’t leave my home very much, I feel unproductive and lazy. But today I had to rest otherwise there would have been a lot more days spent the same way.

I realised that the reasoning behind not wanting to post was because I didn’t think I’d have anything interesting to share. What, a picture of a duvet, tea and a book? I didn’t like that idea, so I looked around me and I realised, one person had not left my side all day, they’d stayed there to make sure I was okay and wouldn’t leave me alone (whether I liked it or not) and although he featured in my first post, this is about my day, my Daily Diary Entry In Pictures.

At first I took a rather interesting picture of his nose, then a cute one of him chilling next to me, but as I’ve said, I wanted this to be a challenge, to be different, so this is it:

Different, interesting and cute. But a little rough on the edges which reflected my feelings/mood for the day – rough.

So there we have it, even when you are stuck inside with an oversized Doberman all day, you can still manage to shoot an interesting picture.

Remember, work hard, have fun, make a difference.


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