Daily Photo Challenge #14

Today’s photo is a mix of the old and of the new, just like this Earth we have claimed both need to be respected both need to be appreciated for what they are.

My piece of advice to you is to not overlook things, some overlook the old because it’s old fashioned or uncool, some overlook the new with a stubborn appreciation for the old.
I say this because photography has helped me to appreciate the beauty in the simplest of things. It is my job to share this beauty, but also to help you find the beauty in your own life! So next time you see something awesome, appreciate it, and snap it!

You can send me your Daily Photo’s on Instagram – I post all kinds of things on there! – @Jessica_vh_photography and I might just share it! You could add #DailyPhotoChallengeWithJess and it’ll be easier for me to find them!
Or… if you’re not an Instagram lover you can send me them on Twitter @JessicaV_H or even Facebook! Facebook.com/synerjes

Remember, work hard, have fun, make a difference!
Much love,

4 thoughts on “Daily Photo Challenge #14

  1. I use a Nikon D80 with a pretty basic lens 🙂
    It wasn't until I finally taught myself (and I am still going on with the teaching!) how to properly use my camera that the results were a lot better.
    I had it in Auto for a long time and got some great shots. But as soon as I braved it and went out and shot in Manual and changed the setting myself as I went along did the pics look better!


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