Daily Photo Challenge #15

Todays photo was taken while on a ‘photo walk’ – I like to take these walks a lot. Fortunately for me I live on the back of a huge park. However I am currently getting more practice with pics of people, I have said on my website that I love taking pics of people, but for me I am still practicing the idea of doing so – without being in central London with a lot of people to blend in with!

What do you think? A little bit different but I’ve still kept a bit of nature in there 🙂

I want to mention, in this Blog, a little quote I just so happen to live by. It has helped me a lot so I am hoping it will help you too!

The next time you’re feeling like there is no point, remember that while others are academically brilliant and can solve just about any maths problem, you are the one that can write an awesome story. Write a thought provoking problem or paint a beautiful piece of art work, and VICE VERSA.
You can’t be good at everything and coming from someone that hates to be bad at what they do, I either learn or I don’t do it at all!
The latter is probably cheating but is it true, it is the sad truth on a terrible looser! 😉
If you want to send me your pics you can send them to me on Instagram @Jessica_vh_photography with #DailyPhotoChallengeWithJess or you can tweet me @JessicaV_H and I might just share them!
If you don’t have any of these social media sites then send ’em to my Facebook page! www.facebook.com/synerjes!
Don’t be shy! I’d love to receive your stuff, also let me know if you have any questions or want any advice! I am always happy to answer!
Much love 🙂

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