Daily Photo Challenge #19

Today I spent some time with members of the family which was nice, a shout-out to Anne, who I know reads my Blog – Thank you for the awesome cake!
I also came across someone who had seen my photography and taken a liking to it which cheered me up quite a bit!
Which has encouraged and inspired me to give you some advice, if you have a dream, a passion, even something you’d like to take on as a hobby. Do it, don’t wait around, don’t waste time on something you don’t enjoy. Go for it, you’ll have people to support you no matter what.
Be brave!

Today’s Daily Pic was taken super quickly as you can probably tell!
Taken on the same day as yesterdays pic but really cool none the less!
As an encouragement for you all, if you have a love for photography, or you just have a pic you’d like to share, send it to me and I’ll share it for you!
Send me them on Instagram @Jessica_vh_photography with #DailyPhotoChallengeWithJess or you can tweet me @JessicaV_H or you can even send it to me on Facebook! facebook.com/synerjes
Remember, work hard, have fun, make a difference!

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