Daily Photo Challenge #23

Action shot!
Today I sat a maths exams (let’s instantaneously talk about something else) and chilled out for a bit, this meant I had to get up quite early which I realised helped me with my day, I found I had more energy even though I… technically had less sleep.
I looked into it and found out about a whole world of sleeping patterns, because for the past 5 or so years I have been attending school, I have taught myself and my body to wake up at specific times so going back to the point, I like to pose you a question or give you some sort of advice so todays advice is to get up early! Some of you already do because of school, college, work, but if not, make sure you do and enjoy it! Set yourself a task and then that way you have something to complete and a reason to get up early!!

Today’s photo, an action shot, whoop, was taken about a week ago now and I think is pretty cute. Just another time Duke the Doberman steals the show!
If you have pics you wanna send me, you can, on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook. If I like em, I might just share ’em!
Remember, work hard, have fun, make a difference!

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