Daily Photo Challenge #27

After a tough day yesterday, today was a slight relief, I say slight because I’m not 100% but I am better none the less.
I have recently started my A2 courses in English and Media, this excites me, because in media, this year I get to make a film trailer or a music video and in English one of the books I have to study is the Great Gatsby, a book and film I avoided for o particular reason and have fallen in love with!
I am also teaching myself graphic design at the moment… well I say teaching, as much as you can learn from the internet anyway! Which, surprisingly, is rather a lot.
I like to do this at the start of the academic year, and considering I am starting my new courses, I have a lot of free time, so I am filling it up with good use!

So, my advice for you today is to do. I always feel better about myself and my day once I have done something constructive. So the next time you’re bored, look up something crazy. Teach yourself something! My cousin taught himself how to look at an answer and figure out the cubed root of it!
Using your time efficiently can be fun!

Send me your pics on:
Instagram @Jessica_vh_photography
Twitter @JessicaV_H

Remember, work hard, have fun, make a difference!
Much love,

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