Daily Photo Challenge #29

I have been a terrible Blogger, my last post was early-mid June, it’s now the beginning of July and I am only just touching my laptop. Why you ask? A mixture of photography gigs, exams, the start of a new course, late nights, my birthday and finally (the biggest culprit) my discovery of the show ‘New Girl’ it has become my favourite thing and I have become obsessed. It really is impacting life at the moment which is scary and funny all at the same time.

But moving on from Jess’ first world problems, today’s Daily Photo was taken at Maldon, where lives an estuary, here are cute little stalls where you can buy ice-cream and candy floss, as well as washed up boats and the occasional pirate looking boats.

Now that I am back and fresh I hope to update you all on a few things as well as introduce some new categories to my writing.

As always, if you have pictures that you would like to submit for me to share and comment on then let me know, there are many ways you can contact me, Instagram @jessica_vh_photography, Twitter @JessicaV_H and on Facebook, www.facebook.com/synerjes, hope to see you soon!

Remember, work hard, have fun, make a difference.

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