Sally sat with her hair done as perfectly as her make-up, she sat in her perfect white shirt and perfectly tailored suit. In her perfect shoes which were positioned perfectly next to her perfect handbag.
She waited, she was so perfectly on time that no one else was at the office yet, she was perfectly on time everyday and sat in the same chair in the same perfect position everyday and still was not given a key to the office.
Her perfect leg crossed over the other and her perfectly painted finger nails drummed against the chair on which she sat perfectly patiently.

When, eventually, her disgruntled boss and disapproving colleagues arrived, she was able to sit at her perfect desk in her perfect chair, perfectly completing the task she’d set her self yesterday.
Sally gave her work to her boss and tried to talk about some ideas she’d had for the company in her perfect voice, “why do you have to try so hard, Sally?” He said dismissing her. With a perfect amount of confusion and a perfect frown, Sally left the room with one single, perfect tear on her perfect cheek.

She got back to work, however was distracted when she overheard a colleague having trouble with her computer.
However, once she suggested something she knew would work perfectly she was faced with “why do you have to be such a know-it-all?!” So Sally turned and faced her perfect computer screen and ignore the world around her.

As people walked by they’d sneer “Know it all” under their breath or mumble “idiot” as they shuffled past her desk.

Soon, Sally was able to leave, she ran to her perfect car and drove to her perfect house and sat on her perfect bed, where she let out perfect tears.

But then… she plotted a perfect plan.

The next day Sally was late, 25 minutes late. “Why are you so late?” Her boss yelled, “Don’t answer that, don’t waste any more time! Sally, I am very disappointed in you” and with that her disgruntled boss stormed off into his office.

Sally no longer wore a perfect blouse along with a perfect suit, but a stained t-shirt un-tucked from her skirt with two small holes in her tights.

“What are you wearing Sally? Having a midlife crisis?” Sighed a colleague sarcastically, but before Sally could stick up for herself like she’d promised she would, the colleague disappeared.

“We have someone very important coming into the office today, we need someone who looks professional to greet and introduce them before bringing them to my office. Sally-” her boss stopped, as Sally stood her boss gasped and starred, he looked her up and down in shock. “Sally, what are you wearing?!” Sally shrugged. “This isn’t your normal professional look!” Sally pursued her normally perfectly glossed lips and shrugged her shoulders as her knotted hair fell in front of her face.
Sally was dismissed and sat at her desk eating chocolate whilst she worked.
“Pig” a woman said rushing by, “lazy” uttered a man she’d never even spoken to before and of whom she didn’t know the name of.

“Sally, I am having trouble with my laptop, can you help me?” Sally simply shrugged, the woman rolled her eyes and sat for another half hour with no idea what to do.
“Cow,” the woman eventually said under her breath.

As the day went on, Sally was insulted all over again, only this time the insults were not “know-it-all” but “idiot” she wasn’t “trying to hard” but she was “a bum, who would bring the company down”.

By the end of the day, Sally had, had enough. “Listen up!” She yelled across the office, catching everyone’s attention, her boss appeared in the door way to his office.
“I get here early every day to pick up your mail and make sure you don’t miss it, what? You think it magically appears in your lockers? I work my butt of everyday to make sure your numbers stay balanced! I am presentable enough to show new people around so you don’t have to get up and leave your oh-so-important work. I don’t particularly enjoy keeping up appearances, but I do it for you. I want to try hard because I want this company to get somewhere so you can be better off. I offer advice to help you with your laptops. Just because I try doesn’t mean I can be mocked.” She said it loudly and clearly, but not aggressively, she said it perfectly.

The next day, Sally arrived perfectly on time with her perfect hair and her perfect nails, today people thanked her as they retrieved their mail from their lockers.
People smiled an almost friendly smile as they walked past.
She was complimented on her outfit and the boss thanked her on her ideas for the companies growth.

Sally stood up for herself, but was she unreasonable? Was she crazy? Was she over reacting?
Do what Sally did and stick up for your self, this doesn’t mean you’re mental, it means you care.

Remember, work hard, have fun, make a difference.
– Jess

One thought on “Sally.

  1. Bullying, Sexism, Racism, all of the ism's are wrong and a message for all you reading this comment and the amazing SynerJes- “The only B word you should call a woman is Beautiful” a nice quote i heard in a film once- but everyone is beautiful, not just women 🙂


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