They Are Just Students.

They smile and laugh on the outside,
but it is by many rules that they must abide.
By day ‘lazy teens’ naïve young people following trends,
by night studying psychopaths, victims of paper work wishing it all to end.
 But they are just students.
A roof over their head, a freshly cooked meal everyday,
deadlines that haunt them, just wishing they could have a say.
A changing generation an evolving new race,
stuck in the same old routine, working towards a piece of paper they have to ace.
But he is just a student.
Desperate for praise, not wanting to disappoint,
wondering all along “what is the point?”
Happy on the outside, broken on the in,
Stress of exams and wanting to be thin.
But she is just a student.
The world in their hands,
mistakes ok to be made,
ploughing through paper,
best friend now an energy drink, wising it’d fade.
but they are just students.
“You have it easy” they say
“didn’t have these opportunities back in my day”
But we can’t do it anymore,
the stress and the pain.
it is different now and it’s driving us insane.
But we are just students.
Well we need to be heard and it needs to be now,
or you will all be asking how:
“How did we loose focus and the ability to pass on dedication?
Now all they do is beg for medication!”
Well, we are not just students,
we are the next generation.
So look after us more,
and we promise we’ll shake you to the core.
Because we are not just students,
we are doctors and lawyers, photographers and teachers,
parents and scientists, pilots and soldiers,
inventers and singers, zoo keepers and animal lovers,
we are the new world, the ‘ever changing, ever evolving’ generation,
and one day we might just be a sensation.

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