Daily Photo Challenge #37

Hello there!

I must admit that recently I feel as though I have been merely existing, in reality I have done a bit more than that, it’s not like I haven’t left the house at all, I have just been busy with the simpleness that is life.
Finding motivation and creative flare can be hard at times like these, I am pretty happy to get back into sixth form, I feel safe and secure when at school… mainly because I have an end goal and I let it become what I eat, sleep and breathe.
But I can’t stay in education forever and as the number 18 approaches along with adulthood and responsibility in just under a year, I find myself desperately searching every part of my being and asking what is it that I want to do.

Due to this, I have realised one thing… I don’t know, but not many people do.
What I do know, is that I can’t sit in a boring office stuck in the same routine – that’d literally drive me crazy. I also know that I want to travel and I like photography and filmmaking. Finally, I know that I like to work towards something greater, if I am helping those who need it, I am the happiest.
I just have to find a way of bringing these, along with other factors together and hope that I end up ok. For now though, I will present you with todays picture…


This world is big and scary, and sometimes you feel like a tiny little pebble in it, but to get to where you want to go, even if you pretend, you must be big strong boulders.

Remember, work hard, have fun, make a difference.

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