My First YouTube Video!

YouTube is something that I have considered for a long time, it is a brilliant platform to simply share. Whether it is a cat video or high quality short film, you will be able to find it on YouTube.
This is one of the best things, there are no limitations, no legal issues or long processes, there is just one button between you and your viewer. This is why I have chosen to share with you some short pieces, pieces that may involve actors etc. Along with travel vlogs and cool mini films that I put together. YouTube is diverse and different and while it may seem that everyone is doing it I didn’t care.

I can’t say that doing this wasn’t totally scary and that I didn’t feel super brave while uploading, but as I say in the video, this is a certain kind of journey that I would like to share.

Hopefully you’ll check out my channel, my first video is simply introductory, I felt that it was almost mandatory as the content that may follow won’t necessarily be about myself and I thought I’d let you get to know me a little before we jumped in!

Thank-you for your on going support, I hope you are as excited as I am to see some more aesthetically pleasing visual stuff!!

Be sure to let me know what you think and remember, work hard, have fun, make a difference! 🙂

Much love,
– Jess

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