Introducing 100 People – Madi

Hello, welcome to a new series I’m running here on the Blog.

The inspiration of this photography project is taken from the 100 Strangers project that many photographers have completed in the past. It is as simple as it sounds, you walk up to a stranger, one that has caught your eye or seems, to you, aesthetically pleasing, take their picture and you then decide what you want to do with the caption.
This has been a project that I have always loved the look of, the only problem is, is that I am ridiculously shy when it comes to strangers, especially when asking for their picture, so to prepare myself for such a task I have decided to practice… sort of.

100 People is going to be a project I run, the people featured will be special and interesting in many ways, not that there are some better then others, simply that I need the practice of looking for a good portrait, but the fact that I know these people means that they may have an interesting story to tell as well!

My first subject is Madi:

Madi is was brought into the world on 14/04/98 at precisely ten minutes to four in the morning, in a town here in England, she is a devoted Christian and has been for 3 years, she is a hard worker and one of the kindest people I know. Madi is studying drama at A-Level and might I say she is really quite brilliant, she can become a character quicker then I can hit the shutter on my camera. Watching her perform is always a privilege.

She is a very close friend of mine, and while I am very rubbish at it, Madi has no problem spreading the love. Her heart is huge and while she may be slightly gullible she is extremely sweet, I can’t stress enough how much this particular human has helped me through the thick and thin. Nor how much she means to me.

I have known Madi for three and a half years and I just so happened to come across her bubbly personality and happy smile on a school trip to a theme park. I was with a group of people, including her, of which I had never really spent too much time with, from there we made friends and if we hadn’t I don’t know where I’d be today!

Madison’s favourite quote is: The greatest thing you’ll ever learn is to love and to be loved in return’

I didn’t just make Madi my subject to introduce this project because she is my closest friend and knows more about me then most. Madi is a beautiful person inside and out and she doesn’t know it, this is my way of letting her know.
So when she reads this possibly through tears, she’ll know that she is a special human, and that’s what this project is about!

Something I have decided to include in everyone’s post, is a message from them. I asked Madi what she would like to share with the world, this is what she had to say:

“As one human being, I have been through a lot, good and bad, happy and sad. So no matter how tough life may seem there’s always going to be something bright around the corner. Whether it’s a best friend, family member or something brilliant in general. So don’t give up hope and stay strong until that bright corner.
I know I’ve always got this amazing human called Jess by my side. Who will always be there for me to lift me up when I am down and even though me being me (introvert) it takes a while to come out with my feelings. I know Jess will be there. Jess is my bright corner, what/who is yours?”

Well, you can tell me or Madi what your bright corner is on Twitter @AMMadiJM @JessicaV_H

Remember, work hard, have fun, make a difference!

One thought on “Introducing 100 People – Madi

  1. The one and only Madi here!…Jess you are amazing! I love you so much. Cried a lot when I read this. Totally did read this before, stupid comment just didn't post! Never trust your phone when posting comments…! You mean so much to me and now you've said 'all of the things' there's no need to worry about trying to tell me how much I mean to you. I know it anyway, but now I can refer to this every time!
    Everyone is Beautiful! xx


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