Daily Photo Challange #41

Once again I have been away for a long while, this is due to all kinds of things but I’m here now and ready to share another photo!

This was taken in the moment, I wasn’t sure what I was going to get in the end, but a reward is what I received! The image is wonderfully raw, it hasn’t been tampered with or edited in any way, I didn’t want to risk changing it too much and looking at it too hard that I no longer see the beauty.

It is official, I am I year 13 and the year is kicking off with a boom… a boom of homework and essays… also books… lot’s and lot’s of books. After falling ill recently also there has been the added pressure of catching up, but with support from those around me that I appreciate incredibly I am managing the work load.
Having CFS does create some setbacks, however in many ways it is a blessing – words I never thought would cross my lips… or my fingertips – because sometimes, we forget that those around us are really special, they will make an effort to make sure that you are happy, which in this day and age is a big thing for someone to do. So my advice for you today is to learn to appreciate the people around you that are kind and if they are not, find some new friends!

Remember, work hard, have fun, make a difference!
– Jess

synerjes@outlook.com – Email me your pictures or any questions you may have!

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