The In-Between Chance to Appreciate

A faint smell of mould wine still lingers from yesterday’s indulgence, still hanging are red and green decorations, sparkles, lights and baubles that have almost lost my their sense of excitable meaning. As the human race enters the period of which nobody knows or has anything to do apart from look at their new gifts with admiration, Christmas has passed and the new year approaches, while our savings went into the gifts we bought and the food we ate new year looks almost dull, but this period of which I speak, this in between period is almost painful.
Nothing to do, no one to see.

It is during this period when appreciation and thankfulness is best to sink in, for some, appreciation for the people you’ve seen and the gifts they gave, for others the birth of Jesus etc.
Now is the time to take the time, to be calm after the storm, happy with where you have come and to look forward to the brilliance that is to come. 
Because soon you’ll have a “first blank page of a 365 page book, write a good one.” 

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