First World Agitation

Squinting through the wind and trudging along in the mud, I no longer cared about my previously pristine fake converse. 
Having had one of the more agitating mornings, a stick manages to get its self stuck between the tongue and laces of my now muddy shoes and all I can do is look down and think to myself “it’s going to be one of those days”
My morning started with jolt as my mum poked her head into my bedroom door and said “Jess! It’s half past seven!” I was supposed to be up at half past six to be at work for seven forty-five, with great reluctance five minutes later after an in the dark outfit and make up choice I was down stairs eating cardboard toast and sipping the tea my mum had so kindly made me. I ate large mouthfuls and packed food for the day. 
When I finally arrive sort of on time to work, I am turned away, my manager says this shift is scheduled for next week. 
I sigh, a lot, and sulk out of the shop knowing that my manger will never know the effort I put in to arriving. 
“Well I’m up now” I think as I walk the dogs through the mud continue to ruin my shoes, what will we do with ourselves today apart from ponder on the first world problem filled morning we’ve just had?

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