Feeling those ‘Slump’ vibes???? How to get yourself motivated and happy again!

Without getting into to many personal, slightly gory details I’d like to let you know that recently I have hit that ‘slump’ point in my life.
Some experience these kind of demotivated suffocating annoyances more than others, I, with CFS tend to actually be more prone to them.
A mixture of many things makes you feel as though everything is mundane and leaves you generally asking the ol’ “what’s the point?” favourite of mine.

It takes a lot for me to pull myself out of a slump, I experience them all too often and soon everything that I don’t see the point in doing builds up, the longer I leave it, the harder it is to tackle the pile.

So here’s a few things that help me get out of a slump and try and get in a better frame of mind:

  1. So, you have hit the ‘slump’ huh? The first thing you notice is that you don’t want to go out and be with friends, you loose touch with them and don’t want to put on a smile for anyone, let alone the people that are able to tell when it’s fake! So my first suggestion is to get OUT. When I hear this when I am in a slump it feels like the last thing I want to do, which is exactly why it should be the first thing you do! Being around people who make you smile is the best thing for you right now and you know it!
  2. number two is something that some people overlook and that’s negativity online… okay I get it, certain things that are negative, you cant control appearing on your feed, but when you get into this slump you naturally gravitate to pages and profiles that make you feel like your not alone, so those accounts that constantly talk about being single, fat, ugly… you don’t need that in your life! Unfollow all of the negative stuff because you let it in a lot more than you think you do… trust me.
  3. This one links in to our previous point… remember that you might be somebody sharing negative things and getting into other peoples heads too… if you’re not going to unfollow these pessimistic and stupid accounts then at least stop poisoning other peoples minds with its negativity!
  4. This is another one that links to the previous two… Spread the positivity yourself!! Why not? You think her hair is nice or his shoes look cool? Tell them! I didn’t realise how shy I was until I realised I didn’t want to comment on someone’s appearance in a positive way in case they actually looked at me… If you’re not brave enough to say it in person, ‘comment’ on that girls selfie, it really will make her day and you’ll feel great too!!
  5. Stop listening to that depressing music, no I don’t care if you’re not in the mood for anything upbeat, music affects you a lot… stop it!
  6. Surround yourself with the people that aren’t afraid to comment on how great you look!
  7. That TV show isn’t more important than the real world, problems at school, work, home, they don’t go away just because you do for 40 minutes, mine was PLL and Vampire Diaries to House of Cards and Doctor Who, I still had to put up with life once the show finished…
  8. Get a fricken hobby? Don’t know what you like or have nothing to do, go swimming, running, cuddle your dog, read a book, smile at yourself in the mirror, go for walks, bike rides… all you can do on your own and theres many more, stop making those excuses not to, get out and experience something.
  9. Find something to get excited about, birthday? Christmas? friends birthday? party? if ya got nothin’ make something happen, plan a trip…
  10. … no money? get a job, that’s going to take up your time and its constructive in SO many ways
  11. Exercise…a lot more fun then it sounds… just little things that make you feel again! get the blood flowing and all.

Look, I know this is all easier said then done, but I promise you, once you start putting yourself in these situations, you’ll feel better, its human nature to not want to be on your own.

Remember, Work hard, Have fun, Make a Difference!

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