An Evening In London

A couple of months a go I was feeling restless, I had, had a very short shift at work of 7:30am till 10:30am, I was up at 6:00am and by the time I was home I was feeling energized. Waking up early does that to me, although I don’t like it at the time I later experience a buzz when my body realises that we have a chance to be productive.
This was just before Christmas so on came the films and out came the duvet… which is normally perfect, but on a day like this I couldn’t sit still, I decided I needed to go to London, there I would take some pictures and stop off at random parts of London on the train and explore a little.
I contacted my friend, Amber, the one I think of in these out-of-the-blew-situations.
We decided that even though it was pushing 2pm we would try and catch the last rays of sunlight and experience the early night lights of central London.
Empty trains soon led to silly behaviour, but we were soon still when we started moving… and other people joined us in out little carriage of fun too.
We swiftly jumped off at Liverpool Street to find that we couldn’t change over to the central line due to an accident, so we reluctantly trudged up the stairs to see if there was anything interesting to look at. Buildings and alleys was all I could find at first, however none the less we continued to wander through the streets hoping to find something to photograph.

Finding ourselves in a market I whipped out my discreet camera and snapped away at little things that interested me:

In a bid to set off an amazing career in street photography I intended on asking this gentlemen if he would let me take his picture… then I realised I was too shy and would get a slightly less interesting shot from a distance – I came close! Next time!

Boredom of the non-tourist areas we headed back on the train to get off at Westminster,
Spot the huge Christmas Tree!

Dodging elbows and the Police’s eye (for no good reason) we appeared in front of Big Ben with the hustle and bustle of Westminster station behind us, firstly though, we’d head to Trafalgar Square, along the way  there was a crowd of people waving flags and listening to music, I soon stopped taking pictures when those same people looked at me strangely and the Police crossed the road.


So there we stood, in the wind and light rain in Trafalgar Square, when a very funny, slightly naked Italian man promised good tricks with fire…

In classic street performer style he made us stand there for a good fifteen minutes before we saw any fire… then I watched in horror as he threw sticks around with small children near by and dragged it along his bare skin… suffice to say, I took a few steps back.
Then he did this;

I, along with the cheering crowd was considerably more impressed by this so we all gave in when he made jokes about money… American tourists were naturally asked for an extortionate amount of money.
I had gone from watching a man breathe fire to turn around to find another man… But this one offered a slightly different source of entertainment…

DJ Grampa stood in the cold dropping all kinds of tunes, parents watched carefully while the seemingly innocent but strange man played music and their children danced, I personally found the scene extremely ironic. The children however thought they’d walked into the best disco of their life!
Once again I turn around to find another man offering a totally different kind of entertainment:

Passers by gave a hint of approval with jaw drop movements before continuing to walk on, some stopped to give he talented (very hairy) man some change… All of his hard work would be washed away with the next rainfall, yet on he worked, he did not care “as long as SOMEONE looked at his work.”
We moved on heading to southbank for a quick look at what was going on before we had to head home.

Westminster, London is one of my favourite places to visit on the planet, the diversity that is within centimetres of eachother the buzz and constant movement of the city, the vast rushing River Themes that breaks up the city excites me.
South bank is definitely one of my happy places and is filled with wonderfully blunt creative people.
Remember, work hard, have fun, make a difference!

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