A Letter To My Younger Self

Dear younger self,

Guess what? So many people have called you beautiful and pretty and you’ve ignored every single compliment! Yet you have latched on to that one boy who called you fat (you didn’t need to hate him because you then found out he secretly fancied you) and that other kid who said you look like a boy? He’s so irrelevant now it’s not even funny!

Stop wearing oversized clothes you fool, just because your not stick thin doesn’t mean your fat, speaking of, the puppy fat around your face soon leaves!

Also, having a big butt comes in handy and the fact that your eyes are the biggest feature on your face has proved very helpful in getting your own way.

Your lips are small, yes, please deal with it, put some lipstick on if you like… but not THAT much, you definitely over did it there, those days are over okay?

Your family is different, but you wouldn’t be the strong viewed, high principled independent female that you are without them! (your getting to be all of those things… nearly!)

You really should have worked a bit harder in maths, you know, but right now your going for the success story that don’t need no maths GCSE!
Let’s see how that works out :/

Appreciate your two trips to New York please, open your eyes while your there to give me more memories! That trip genuinely changed your life and opened your mind!

Be happy and remember that your a teenager nothing is worth crying over for too long, trust me – yes I know you thought that he was a potential husband but you know a LOT better now and any way, you’ve got a lot more douche bags and heartbreaks to get through before you find him, trust me.

Love yourself a lot more, I already feel old… maybe do some more stretches, we’re quite flexible, you know!
Be at peace with who you are, yes, even your sarcasm is okay…
And bloody respect your self a bit more will you?

Much love,
Future Jess

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