My Experience At LUSH

It is not very often that I talk about products or shopping trips but I simply had to share this experience with you as a very satisfied customer!
This is not an AD and I haven’t been asked or paid to say these things, I have really just fell in love with lush!

Insert Cheesy Pic of Me and Lush Bag

I had heard many great things about lush, specifically from other Bloggers and YouTubers. However, I never really experienced the pleasure of visiting a store myself, this was until my 10 year old sister introduced me.

Yes, my beautiful and slightly sassy little sister who has become engrossed in the YouTube beauty guru world decided, that for her 10th birthday my gift to her would be a trip to Westfield in London so she could spend her birthday money at LUSH.

Can I just say, oh my goodness am I glad that she dragged me into the most relaxed and aesthetically pleasing shop I had ever visited! 
As soon as we entered the shop I knew I liked the vibe, loud music was playing – but it was good music – the shop assistants were smiling beautifully at everyone and genuinely seemed to be enjoying their job! Buckets and tubs filled with water were dotted around the shop surrounded by exciting customers.
It is a known fact that people never grow out of the fascination with kinetic learning (physically doing and feeling as oppose to academic thinking etc) which is why I think every gender and age were shuffling around and peering over shoulders to see the explosion of colours that erupted from the bath bombs and feel how soft a bath oil left the water.

Having never been into a shop like this, it put me into a good mood quickly, the atmosphere was absolutely perfect (and great for the shop because I wanted to buy their products!)

One lady in particular (I wish I could remember her name!) saw mine and my sisters confused faces amongst the crowd and hurried over, she helped my sister find the intergalactic bath bomb she hadn’t shut up about for days and spoke to us about our favourite smell and what we were after, we came away with exactly was we wanted!

They were advertising animal rights everywhere too! Gold star for you Lush!

It is customer service like this that really makes me happy because, altho it might seem silly to some, that kind of experience puts you in a good mood for the rest of the day! So well done Lush! I am still experiencing the softest, most colourful baths I can!

Here’s some pictures for those of you that are interested in -what’s left of – what I bought! I will try to remember some of their names!
(The reason some of them are broken up into pieces is because I cut them up to get more use out of them!!)

This is the Big Bang Bubble bar!

Intergalactic Bath Bomb

Rose Jam something :/ 

As always, thank you for reading and remember, work hard, have fun, make a difference!

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