For the past couple of months I have embarked on a whole new kind of adventure, never did I expect to come this far in the Vlogstar Challenge yet here I am.

For those of you that are very confused and don’t know what on earth I am talking about, here’s a low down to what has kept me so busy in recent months.

On a very bleak and rainy morning, my media teacher asked me and my fellow students to come go into sixth form nice and early to stay for the whole day, so, I reluctantly pulled myself out of bed and practically stumbled into school.
My mood immediately changed when I arrived to class and found two representatives from Media Trust giving a presentation about how to make YouTube videos, how cool!? A day filled with exactly the thing I am most interested in? Yes please!

We were asked to make a 1 minute long vlog about what inspires us after some training, which would then be our first entry to the VLOGSTAR CHALLENGE.
The script for the video came into my head immediately and I knew what I wanted to talk about, after that day we had 2 weeks to make a better version which would then be judged.

I then found out that I had been narrowed down to 1 of the 150 finalists and that I’d been invited to Google HQ in London for a 6 hour lesson filled with different presentations on how to make YouTube your job.

At this event we were then asked to make another video, this one could be about anything we liked! We were briefed and headed home to work on our new vlogs, due in just 1 week later!

That video is the one shown below

This video is the one that got me narrowed down to just 15, 15 finalists!
I was then asked to make a film following this one which was premiered at the BAFTAS in the Princes Trust Theatre.

This is the video that won me SECOND place out of 1,500 people in the VLOGSTAR challenge!

I spent a long time picking out my outfit, but eventually I decided to go in a bow tie, matching with my little sister, brother and dad.

We arrived, immediately making a scene!

I was of course, blogging the experience to put up on the channel, so go check it out! It’ll be up soon!

After a lot of hand trembling and butterflies in my stomach we were asked up on stage to find out the winners!


This has given me so much inspiration and motivation to move forwards with YouTube and Blogging, I look forward to continuing on in this journey with you!

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