Thoughts on the Last Day: Paris – The magical city that I only hope I can return to one day soon!

I wasn’t going to post this, I was worried that it’d be insensitive and silly of me to be talking about my holiday which, compared to recent evens is so mundane, but then I realised something. I realised that the person/s behind this monstrous act set out to cause chaos, destruction and negativity, so why should I keep quiet about how wonderful I thought France was for the days I was there the same week that they committed the crime?

Thus, I am going to tell you about my trip on this new series to my Blog because I refuse to let the negativity and, quite frankly, pure evil seep into my precious memories of what was one of the best 4 days of my life.

So here is the first edition of this Blog post, unedited, unchanged to be sensitive, these were my honest opinions of my trip to Paris which I wrote whilst sipping a strawberry milkshake and soaking in the last moments of my wonderful trip;

France in July, one of the most beautiful things I have ever had the pleasure of experiencing, this trip has been surprisingly helpful in my growth as a human being, I have always wanted to visit France and for my 18th Birthday I was that lucky, spoilt girl who got just that! 

The streets of Paris are busy enough to create the atmosphere of the hustle and bustle of a city yet the calm and relaxed vibe from the French themselves contrast wonderfully. The balance between the city life and relaxed attitude is created perfectly meaning I spent four days in absolute awe of my surroundings without getting bored at all.

The hidden beauty that lies within the city hit me immediately, not only that, I didn’t know how much there was to do! From being a complete tourist and checking out all of the hot spots while lugging around a backpack and a big camera, to hitting the markets and side streets finding all kinds of wonderful shops!
The French have a reputation of being rude, is that a phase that was once their attitude but has now passed? My French teacher once said “At least pretend to make an effort to speak their language otherwise they get a little frustrated which comes across rude.” which is perfectly understandable yet I never experienced it with anyone other than a very few incidences with he slightly older generation. Overall, they were absolutely wonderful, kind, helpful people!

French cuisine is world renowned but oh my goodness can these people do food well!!! Anything from a chicken salad baguette to a salmon dish! They put British “fresh food” to shame! Each place we visited for food was amazing! The customer service was great in every single one and the food kept us going as we trekked through the noticeably clean streets.

Paris is officially one of my favourite cities, I cannot explain what it was like seeing the Eiffel Tower specifically in person as it was all lit up at night. All of the pictures and statues I had seen exploded into a giant, beautifully detailed picture in front of me, standing out against the black sky at 1am – I was speechless!

I’d happily visit here again and if someone asked me to move here I’d jump at the chance bringing all of my loved ones along with me! I enjoyed every minute and if you want to go to Paris I strongly suggest you get. it. done. because it has been one of the best experiences of my life!!

As you can tell, I really enjoyed my trip, I cannot begin to describe how angry I was to find out what had happened in Paris, everyone was so kind and welcoming to the two random English people who hadn’t bothered to learn the lounge of the country they were visiting properly, they did nothing to hurt anyone! That morning the entire city was was buzzing, excited for that evening celebrations and had our trip been for even one day longer we’d have been amongst the crowd that was attacked.
The thought of the many faces I saw in pain after an attack, some even gone from this world has stuck with me in a way I never expected it to.
Please pray if you Believe and if not – do what you can, but if you’re going to tweet the hashtag or change your profile picture, I urge for there to be a better meaning than going mainstream behind it…

I will be posting pictures and videos and telling you just where to find the hidden parts of Paris that are just wonderful, so be sure to follow to hear more. 

Remember, work hard, have fun, make a difference,
Jess x

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