The smell of freshly opened plastic fills my bedroom as I unload my recently purchased school supplies on to my clean bed.
I fill my new backpack with the stationary and snacks for the day before heading out to a fresh new year, a new start.
Does anyone else feel a sense of renewal around September? I feel like I might just be so constitutionalised by the routine of school that every September I feel like its the new year!

Suffice to say, the new academic year has begun and I am not ready. I have the urge to be productive and a drive to create, however directing that towards my studies is hard. I am a creative person who enjoys watching things come to life, the thrill I used to get in my Design and Technology class was amazing, designing a product then going on to physically make that was an awesome concept to me. I make YouTube videos because I love the process of writing a script and then editing it into a real life video later on. I love creating images and seeing other people enjoy them too!
So you can understand why I find it hard to get passionate about an essay for my politics teacher. 

I enjoy my subjects, I have completed A-Levels in English and Media I have half a government and politics A-Level (which I am currently finishing off?) and I also decided to pick up business. All subjects that interest me, but this year, I don’t have media to create something in, to get excited about. 

This year, however, I am determined to remain determined. 
This drive and passion that I have, not only for my studies but for other secret and exciting things in which I will share with you as soon as I can, will not go misplaced.

This is why I am making a return to Blogging, the longer I pushed away the harder it was to stray focused and push on with this Blog, I want to make progress, and that I will do!

So, while I figure out my schedules, please enjoy a range of posts until I know exactly what I am doing and when – so what I am trying to say is, you will be seeing more of me!

Previously, in terms of sixthform I have put in a lot of hard work without seeing any real results… yes I was passing.. and yes because of my health condition it meant that I did have to put in a lot more effort then the average student, but this year I am determined to both get results that I am happy with and be recognised fully for my hard work!

Bring on the new academic year, bring on blogging!

Remember, work hard, have fun, make a difference. 
Jess, xx

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