Why Every TEEN should GET A JOB || Do Something!! |Thursday’s Thoughts

Oh teenage years how kind you have been to me, compared to most I have had a cushy innocent time thus far. While I still have another year and a bit to go, I’d like to share something I have learnt throughout my teen years and that is to, GET. A. JOB.
Being a teenager can be quite confusing you start off with a lot of adults telling you to “grow up cause you’re in big school now” but then they’ll send you to your room at 9pm. Meanwhile whilst your in your late teens you start to find yourself in this weird position where you’re almost an adult yet you still have to go to school, you have to know why x=3 but how on earth do you pay rent? You still have to write an essay about unconditional love vs unrequited love… but you don’t even know what true love is!
As the world around you changes, different things are expected of you, socially, from your friends, your family and you, yourself will want to experience new things…
But how are you going to pay for it?
In the UK the ages of 17 and 18 can be most confusing, you’re not actually in school anymore and you now have the opportunity to learn how to drive but the government want you to remain in education. So you have a lot more power over where you go and how long you stay out for but don’t stay up too late because you have to be in early for English revision!
One thing that will keep you grounded, wake you up and make you realise how quickly a week passes by, is a job. Get a Saturday job! Get a zero hour contract, something!
You’ll soon find yourself wanting this extra freedom and the ability to explore and drive and party! But without a job… you’ll be asking mummy for the money and feeling quite ridiculous at the same time.
Don’t tell me you’re fine with asking your parents for money, and if you really mean that then come back to me in a year or so… then you might realise that its not all its cracked up to be.
Granted, there are certain situations where you have a genuine reason not to work, I don’t know your story! But I urge those of you that are able to really do this! I, for example had an almost ridiculous epiphany once I started working, I was spending some money when I realised I would have had to work 3 hours to buy a clothing item – I didn’t buy it after that. It’s not because it was expensive for a t-shirt, just that I knew that if I was standing there, working my butt off for 3 hours and I was then visited by future me who said “Oh! Just a little longer and then you have the money to buy this cool shirt I’m wearing!” I would be annoyed at my self…
Instead, save for plane tickets or that concert for the band you really love! Working creates many life experiences in its self, so why not use what you earn to create even more? It isn’t all about school, sometimes you just gotta have lived a little to be qualified for a job, or a kid, or a partner!
So next time you wake up on a Saturday morning with nothing to do and no point to your day… try looking for a job in something you enjoy!

Remember, work hard, have fun, make a difference!
Jess, xx

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