HOW TO STAY INSPIRED (in EVERY way) | Thursday’s Thoughts

No matter who you are, or what you do, sometimes life can get you down, stress can take over and you can become uninspired. I have put together a few ways to STAY inspired and maintain that work pace that keeps you going! Read on to find out more!

1. Surround Yourself With People You Admire!

This can be creatively, in life and in general! Even if it’s just that you are simply impressed by somebodies work ethic!
And I don’t just mean in life, I mean everywhere! Once you have the people around you that encourage and inspire you, branch out to your social media platforms! Follow people on Twitter, Instagram (and snapchat) who inspire you!
Listen to artist that inspire you, watch on Youtube that inspire you, ensure that every platform you use is a positivity hub to both keep the good juices flowing and help you get out of the rut! You can follow them because they have a great attitude towards their family, their work ethic is noticeably brilliant or they can fit something incredible into 140 characters!
Here’s some examples of people that follow because I find them inspiring:
Listening to: Jared Leto (He, and many others that I bless my ears with) inspires me so much and it has nothing to do with his music! Those of you that recognise the name, it is probably because he played the most receInt Joker in Suicide Squad… he didn’t break character ONCE whilst filming – this is what I mean. That and the fact that he is so intense and hard working just inspires me a lot… no matter what I’m doing, Jared Leto is probably working on his next big thing!
  • Watching: Casey Neistat, he barely sleeps, he vlogs  everyday without fail and he has a full time job, a baby, a studio in NYC and he is pretty much living the life i want to live one day!
  • Also watching: Sara Deitschy. I have never known anyone to have a stronger hustle!

2. Remember that Inspiration is NOT the Enemy!

“Well duh!!” You might be thinking, however instead of being inspired by those that are successfully living the life we want to live, our city minds can turn drive and motivation into jealousy, which then snowballs into us not feeling like we are good enough! – has this ever happened to you? I know I have previously experienced it!
To stop this, you need to challenge yourself, firstly, you need to be happy for that person, be glad that they’ve got it down and that their hard work paid off! Done that? Okay, now you need to remember that they are just another human being they got their own ‘ish to deal with, just like you!
Change your way of thinking! Instead of sighing at the screen and asking “why not me” get up of yo’ but and make it happen, let them lead by example!!!

3. Don’t overestimate yourself!

Don’t get me wrong, I am all for staying positive and achieving your goals! But as soon as you overestimate yourself and become unrealistic, you’re setting yourself up for an unhappy ending. We of course don’t want this to happen so:
  • Remain Realistic: if you overestimate yourself and then can’t fulfil everything you said you would and wanted to do then it will definitely be upsetting if not depressing, I spoke about this briefly in my recent YouTube video.
  • Remember, you won’t be a success over night.
  • Stay Positive: As long as you are enjoying what you are putting out into the world you’ll be ‘ite.

4. Make sure You Enjoy what You are Doing/Creating…!

A lot of people will tell you this, but it is sooo true! If you are not truly happy with what you are producing and sharing with the world then you’re not going to be able to keep it up!
Take me for example! My ‘things’ are films, filmmaking, photography, fashion and general blogger stuff! – You don’t see me writing a post about the different species of spiders! (I hate spiders!) or telling you how to do a math problem! (I am pretty terrible at it so it would NOT end well!).
The reason I am able to constantly come up with ideas is because I enjoy what I do!

5. …And Keep Doing It!

Ignore all of the numbers! – Sort of, don’t place your value in the little numbers on screen and eventually ‘your people’ will find you!
You will be a lot happier this way, no one can tell you how to do you, so you will be absolutely original when you are!
Do you have any ideas on other ways to stay inspired? Let me know!
Remember, work hard, have fun, make a difference!

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