The Footsteps with Guns |Short Story | Synerjes

So, I have a little book, it gives you 1 sentence and a page and you can take the story where ever you like, I use it to revamp my creative juices, this is what i managed to fit on the page… I am thinking of developing the story fully then one day into a script!
It is a very basic story at them moment, I never know where I am going with stories until I go to rewrite the first page/sentence I was given, let me know what you think!

People give me credit for seeing what was coming, but I think it’s more luck than anything else. I couldn’t sleep, I felt like going for a drive – of course I couldn’t – that’s the truth. It seemed like a normal, quiet night until the fast amount of footsteps and yells came from outside the front door. I wasn’t sure what the heck was going on until I saw the guns in the hands of the group that followed the previous one. 
“Henry! Henry!” I called, he came running into the hallway with a strong look of concern just as I heard a loud bang from outside.
I looked through the eye of our front door again and saw the group split, one, I guessed, was to chase the group who’s heavy footsteps had shaken me while the other knocked the door down to Daisy’s house, she was out and lived alone so I knew we didn’t have long. 
But then I heard a gunshot, maybe I was wrong! Maybe Daisy is now gone!
“What the hell was that?!” Henry yelled, “Shhh!” I said, my hands shaking as I stepped in the way before he could open the front door, the very thing that was keeping us safe from whatever was happening out there, the very thing that now, seemed so thin and weak.
“We need to go.” I said quietly but firmly.
“What are you sayin-” I cut him off, “Henry, sweetie, if you love me, you will just listen to me, I don’t know what’s happening out there but if we stay in this house, we are dead.” I said as quietly and as quickly as I could.
I turned off all the electronics and all the lights that they wouldn’t notice going out and ran upstairs. “Dress will have to do” I said grabbing our hiking backpacks and shoving a pair of leggings into mine, they were the closest thing to me.
Just like I knew when something was off when I first heard those footsteps I knew we would not be coming back to this house again. “Running shoes” I ordered in a whisper throwing Henry his pair, he was peeking through the curtains. “Jesus Chri-“
“Henry!” I yelled, he zoomed into action.
I never thought that the strangely amusing conversations of “what would you take in an emergency” or “what would you do in this [insert crazy situation here] type of situation” would ever be helpful but we both knew exactly what the other person wanted immediately. 
We filled our backpacks with things we may need, phones and their chargers (who knew if they’d work), medication, a watch – we heard another loud bang, another gunshot, we both instantly froze in fear for a split second then ran for the stairs. 
While Henry locked the front door and the kitchen door (thank GOD the old lady had a weird lock on that door) I topped up both our backpacks with water and snacks.
Finally we stepped outside the backdoor quietly and locked that too.
I looked at Henry, my calmness draining from me, I could feel it and he could see it, “we are going to be fine, we’re going to go to Uncle Rick’s it’s what the whole family used to say” his light heartedness was not appreciated.
Henry took my hand and we slowly moved our way through our overgrown garden checking over our shoulders and in every window that could see us for unfamiliar faces. Once we were on the other side of our fence we found a small group of people.
“Henry! Anna!”

It was our neighbours, Liz, Mark and Harry.

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