Why War Films Are Important |Synerjes

So, as usual, due to health problems I was unable to make todays ‘Movie Monday’ so, I come to grovelling asking you to grab a cuppa and read what I have to say rather then listen – I might get to the point a bit bit quicker which I suppose is a plus!!

So, I recently made a video about Hacksaw Ridge, watch me have a mental break down on that subject here:

But I quickly wanted to talk to you about why I think War Films are important…

The thing about film at the moment is that its so nuts that nothing really gets through to us anymore, it is as if we have become desensitised to violence, for example, gun shots can often sound like the “pew pew” noises they made in Lego Batman!

I genuinely think that if most people heard a gunshot in real life now, they would be really surprised at how loud it is, I can’t say that I know exactly what a gunshot sounds like but it isn’t like the ‘bang bang!’s we hear in most action movies!

Ok, I can accept the fact that with bigger productions and more effort put into film (of which i am thankful for) to make it as realistic as possible there is going to come a certain common theme and almost comfort with certain themes… but this is exactly why I think War Films are super important!

Sex is way more accepted now, as is cheating -to a certain extent- violence, expectations of both men and women have changed for the better and worse.

I think people forget how powerful film is, even those who don’t consider themselves a ‘film geek’ can be deeply affected by what they have just watched on screen.

For us to have this wonderful ability to look back at the past in such great detail, and relive it in such away that makes us feel, sweat, tense, smile, laugh, cry is SO important!
If it wasn’t for this ability to look back at history and think “well shit” I worry about what wed would do! 
As soon as one comes to the terms with the fact that war films are based on pure historical fact, you start to realise a lot about the world, for example, had Hitler managed to win the war, how DIFFERENT would the world be right now?! Completely different? Or reverting back to ‘normal’ by now?

War films are my favourite genre at the moment because they make me cry, laugh and make me truly thankful for the position I am in right now!

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