Sunday Mornings

Summer Sunday Mornings are quiet.

Everyone else is too busy sleeping off the night before or enjoying the fact that their kids are staying in bed just a little longer, others are weeding their gardens or sipping tea with the Sunday Newspaper edition.
Not many are up and about, not many are hustlin’ Sunday mornings are when all the good ideas can come to you because they’re yours to grab, while they float around in the air, no one else is taking them first!
The Day of Rest is when I get all of my best ideas, it is the Day of Rest for everyone else but the Day of Possibilities to me. 
Sunday Morning’s are the best, there is a certain relaxed vibe that lives only on Sundays. The Rest Day, the air smells cleaner, summer is close, the smell of brewing coffee makes me feel warm and at home.

The bright sky and the moving trees calm me as I watch through the window, I won’t get this in London, I am going to be living in a city of ambience and culture, everyone is too busy to stop and watch the trees dance and the clouds clear.

Not that there will be many trees, I’m looking at a whole new adventure… I am definitely looking forward to Hillsong on Sunday’s, I have wanted to visit for a long time.

With a swipe of a card and a patient wait you can be anywhere in the city, I can go from breathing in and living film in my university to standing next to one of the oldest and greatest landmarks on the planet within half an hour. I could have lunch near the Thames or coffee in an independent cafe that not a lot of people know about, so many hidden gems to be found and so many places to discover! So much to document and so much to see, but these, these precious Sunday mornings, the ones that smell like home, they will not be the same.

The air won’t smell so clean and the coffee will not be brewed right below my bedroom, this adventure I am embarking on is just that, an adventure, a fresh new experience.
So while I still have the trees and the homemade coffee and the clean summer mornings, I’ll soak it all in. 

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