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Minimalism has appealed to me since I looked into it 3 months ago – I will be writing a Blog Post separately about my journey so far – I like the idea of cutting down on the unnecessary crap I have in my life that I don’t need nor get anything from.
For me, Minimalism isn’t just about throwing everything away and living in a half empty house with a mattress and a coffee table, it’s about only keeping the things that I get value from, books, I have a lot of books and while I might throw away those that I don’t read or enjoy so much anymore, I don’t want a bunch of plain white walls just as much as I don’t want to throw away my favourite books! Anyway, today I am talking about minimalism in makeup.

I have never been one to shy away from makeup, I have always loved experimenting, at the age of 9 if I was wearing pink shoe laces you can bet I was wearing pink eye shadow! I moved on from that stage quickly (thank God). Throughout the almost 5 years I have been suffering with Chronic Fatigue Syndrome makeup was a God send, due the fact that I am ill… I look… ill without makeup, pale face, huge bags under my eyes, it’s not pretty, I thought I needed to cover up!

This is me without makeup on a day where I managed to leave the house… The
picture honestly doesn’t do it justice… 😬

I would apply a LOT of makeup -daily. For some people this is normal and thats fine, I don’t suddenly think that wearing a lot of make up is bad – I just want to throw that disclaimer out there.

Here’s some photos with the amount of makeup I USED to wear:

I read something – probably on Facebook – that said “Wear no makeup so you shock people when you wear it, not when you take it off” this struck something in me, not because I wanted to impress anyone or because I feel the need to wear makeup for anyone but me, the reason it struck something in me was because I wore makeup due to my own insecurities, yet I constantly ‘preach’ about not caring what anyone thinks, you’re the important one, but the reason I was wearing makeup was because I was embarrassed about looking ill.
Well, unfortunately I am ill, which means there will inevitably be times when I look ill, I understand that everyone has their off days when they don’t feel their best but this wasn’t helped my coating my face and presenting myself as someone who really didn’t look like me.

Here are some pictures of me using my new and improved makeup bag!




(Apparently I really like white t-shirts)

So… what does this have to do with Minimalism? You might be wondering…
Well, during the time that I was starting the process to brave wearing less makeup and feeling good about it, I was also looking into minimalism and two things happened simultaneously.

  1. I received more compliments about the way I looked whilst wearing less makeup then I ever had whilst wearing more.
  2. I totally cleaned out my closet and stripped it down to the basics as well as limiting what I bought in shops to make sure I didn’t just fill up the new space again.
So, I decided to strip down my everyday makeup bag, find the smallest makeup bag I owned and fill it with the things that I would actually use every single day…
This is what my old ‘everyday makeup bag’ looked like:



These are the products that were inside:



Thats a lot right? Of course I didn’t even use every single item every single day! I had the following items in there just in case I felt the need to add it to my look.



This is what my makeup bag looks like now (it needs a wash).



Much smaller! It’s also far more convenient to throw this into an overnight bag rather than the bag I used to use filled with things that I wouldn’t even use the following day!


These are all of the products I now have in my everyday makeup bag:


Big difference huh?
I have a total of just three items in this makeup bag that I do not use every single day and that is the eyeliner, and two of the eye shadows, ‘sentimental’ and ‘star’ (the white one and the pink one) I will use if I want to add a bit more to my look. But in terms of what I use everyday, I literally just shove some of ‘elegant’ (the greyish brown one) on my eyelids and it looks great!
I don’t use the eyeliner every single day, it is a great way to spice up your look from day to night… I may do a tutorial on how to go from a day to night look using just these products!


This has definitely helped me in the mornings, it may work for you, it may not! The less makeup you wear the more people notice your eyes (yes even if you wear the right eyeshadow) and the more compliments you get… and people don’t even realise it’s because you are letting your eyes shine!
Not only does this cut 10 minutes out of my morning routine – I used to take 15 minutes to get ready… on a good day … with lots of practice applying a lot of makeup – now I can have my face done and ready to go in 5 minutes! It also encourages me to wear no makeup on somedays, which may sound silly to some but for some one who is quite insecure and has social anxiety this is a positive and noticeable impact!
Take a look at your makeup bag if you have one, don’t throw anything away just yet, just try and fit the basics into a smaller makeup bag and watch your mornings become a lot easier!
If it works for you, tweet me or tag me in an Instagram (@Synerjes) and let me know how you got on! 😀

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