"We Become What We Think About" |Wonderful Wednesday’s |Synerjes

I have been thinking about the mind and its power recently, I am meaner to myself than I am to anyone else on this planet, how sad, especially since I spend every waking moment with myself, in my own thoughts!
Remember this, it is very important to know how powerful your mind is!
Snap out of those hurtful thoughts and give yourself at least one compliment everyday, then two then three and hopefully as time goes on and you accept more things about yourself you will fall in love with yourself… of course I don’t mean you become conceited and arrogant, just that you realise you don’t need anyone else to tell you you’re beautiful.

Stuck on something to get you started, your eyes! Look at your eyes, they are beautiful, a sea of colours, a fragile yet one of the most important parts of your body on which you rely on so heavily. You have beautiful eyes.

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