My Bucket List | Thursday’s Thoughts |Synerjes

I believe everyone should have a Bucket List! It sets goals and feels good when you can tick them off! Not all of them have to be jumping out of a plane kinda crazy! The simpler ones are the best because you can see yourself making progress!

I thought I’d give you a little insight into mine and as I tick them off and add more perhaps I could encourage you to get out there too!

  1. Live on My Own
  2. Go to London Alone – This was a younger Jess’ wish and meant looking after myself properly for the first time! In fact, the first time I went to London alone I went to Google HQ!
  3. Reach 1/2 Million Subscribers – This has always been the number I’ll be happy with, it sits perfectly between successful and not too crazy! At 98 subscribers I still have a way to go! Maybe you could help me achieve this goal?! 😀 Working online is my dream!
  4. Pass A-Levels – Technically I can tick this off as I have 2 A-Levels under my belt! (Media Studies & English Literature) But I am still studying government and politics and Business Studies so we’ll see how those exams go!
  5. Have My Own Photography / Filmmaking studio – Casey Neistat style init.
  6. Build own Company – I have quite a few ideas for this one!
  7. Relaxing photo trip in Malta – I really needed some time alone top clear my head, the reason it made it onto the list was because it was a big turn around in my life mentally, maybe I’ll go into those details in another blog post!!
  8. Visit Blue Lagoon – Beautiful!
  9. Get into University! – My new video is about this!
  10. Go Indoor skydiving – BEST day of my life, highly recommend.
  11. Do the Biggest Bungee Jump – I am a little bit of an adrenaline junkie…
  12. Skydive – obvs 
  13. Skydive over Dubai – don’t tell me you haven’t seen the videos!
  14. Climb a Mountain – Check it out here!
  15. Run a Marathon – I cannot run to save my life! … Ironically. Which is exactly why one day I want to do this, especially since having CFS
  16. Give Back to St Marks  
  17. Go to NY alone, I stayed with family but took a lot of opportunities to be independent in my favourite place! In fact, I have an interesting story coming out about the plane ride there and back!
  18. Go to Paris – see Eiffel Tower! – Check it out here!
  19. Visit Hawii – a photographers dream! (plus NYC of course)
  20. Go to Cape Town, South Africa and climb Table Mountain and then Watch the sunrise – No explanation needed, surely?
  21. Buy Parents a Holiday – The most important on this list is to one day be in a position to send my ever loving parents for the trip of a life time!
  22. See Christ the Redeemer in RIO
  23. Walk along China Wall
  24. Book a Log Cabin – preferably w/ snow – for the entire family and stay for Christmas!
  25. Fill up my bags with things for all weathers, head to the airport and buy the plane ticket that screams my name! – Goals
  26. Alex is my childhood best friend, we still talk but she moved to Canada years ago, one day I want to go there and take her and her family to dinner!
  27. Go parasailing – awesome!!
  28. Direct a film.
  29. Live in London – This is happening soon!
So there you have it! Thats my Bucket List, feel free to share some from yours or make one! You can let me know all about them by tweeting me or instagramming me! (@Synerjes)

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