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I am often told that I am “well travelled for my age” which is true, I am very grateful for the great places I have been able to see and the amazing things that I have done, most of all I am grateful for the growth, travelling has made me resourceful, more independent and open minded, but thats for another Blog Post!!

Before we jump straight into the essentials, here are some not so honourable mentions… more like “durrrh!” things you gotta take!

  • Toothbrush
  • Underwear
  • Phone

I doubt we are going to agree on everything on this list so let me know if its different for you!!

1. Camera

My trusty camera comes everywhere with me, my favourite thing to do is throw on a 35mm lens, get some serious depth of field going on and snap my family as we walk the dogs or go to the park, my best photography is always when the subject is being natural! I think it’s why I love street photography so much!
Aside from that, I could hardly call my self a predominantly travel Blogger/YouTuber and then neglect to capture the moment for you as best I can!

2. A Map

OMG maps are a God Send!
I took a trip to Paris in July 2016 and my phone did not like being in France, so, we ended up a little lost UNTIL we asked for a MAP.
Not only did we see a lot more of the beauty that is Paris because we were looking at where we were going instead of following our footsteps on my phone screen but I also realised I really enjoyed actually using a map!
Due to the fact that wifi wasn’t a permanent option and I couldnt get any service anywhere, I would wake up in the morning and search every blog that even mentioned ‘Paris’ in passing to find out what we could do that wasn’t super touristy (it paid off) then I would sit and plant each location on the map on my phone, I would then zoom out and copy the route on to the map in my hand with a pen and within no time we were wondering the streets of Paris like pros… sort of…

3. Basic jeans and a T-shirt.

I cannot tell you how my style has changed over recent years, for a little while I was girly, then super office-wear (I had to be for my Sixthform) then I was as hipster as you could get and now I’ve sort of moulded the minimalist-hipster-edgy styles together to create my own! However, when I am travelling, while I still like to be fashionable I keep it as basic as possible, here are some examples of the things you might catch me in!

4. My ‘Minimalist Makeup Bag

5. A book

I love finding a spot in a coffee shop, sitting in the corner or by a window and reading a book, or by the beach or on any kind of public transport… you get the idea…
I love these books as you may be able to tell! They are a bit worn for wear now but I’ll always come back to these!

6. Earphones

This is definitely an introvert thing, some of you extraverts might be wondering how I could possibly live in my own bubble with my own music probably people watching and be happy for quite some time but nothing makes me happier than a walk a coffee and my music… Especially when travelling!!


I don’t wear much else these days, I’ll wear my vans with a skirt, dress, jeans or shorts! One pair of decent shoes goes a long way!

8. Disposable Camera

Not only will this improve your photography skills have you have to think about the image you’re taking a lot more, it also means that you physically have some photographs at the end of your trip!

9. Skincare

I am absolutely terrible when it comes to skin care whilst traveling especially abroad which is even worse because the plane sucks the life out of your skin. Also, if you’re one travelling to a hot country for beaches and sun tanning, skincare should be your best friend!
I like to keep it nice and simple whilst covering all basis!

10. Finally, my trusty notebook

 I use about 4 different notebooks regularly but I don’t really need to be carrying all that weight around so I just take one little black book for my notes and I keep it on me at all times, that way if I have an idea I can jot it down and transfer the notes in more detail later!

What are your top travel essentials? Let me know! You can leave a comment or Tweet me or Instagram me! (@Synerjes)

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