Beaches in April

Recently, me and my family went away for the weekend, it was a small trip in a small caravan that forced us together and I personally feel that our relationships have grown because of it. It made me realise how little time I spend with one of my brothers whom I love as equally as the other and have since made more of an effort to ask him about his day. 
With that being said, I thought I would share some of the pictures I took from the trip with you, I experimented with a 35mm Nikkor lens on this trip and it kind of turned my style around completely!

We took the doggies on this trip, which was an interesting ride in the car, of course I ended up on big dog duty which meant being crushed… a lot.


It was permanently brilliant time for pictures, the beach provides a nice open space and no building to hide the light!!
I got some damn good shots!










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