May Goals

I have been hesitant to start writing these for some time now, however I really enjoy reading other peoples monthly goal lists and keeping up with them to find out whether they were successful, I started writing monthly goals at the beginning of the year but couldnt bring myself to post them because…. who cares!?!? 
Then I remembered that I blog for me and this may help whoever out there is reading this to get hustlin’ too, so… I guess here are my goals for May!

  1. Wake Up Earlier – with my health on a current low (a much needed update to come soon) getting my sleep routine into shape has never been more important!
  2. Finish Nineteen Eighty Four (George Orwell) and start Lord of the flies (William Goulding) – I have been asked to read these by my government and politics teacher 🙂
  3. Write some Blogs!! = I recently wrote three weeks worth of blog post and was very happy with them all scheduled and ready to go when I got worse health wise and since it has been harder to write than ever, so, in the extra time that I have when I am able, I wish to stock up again!
  4. Finish 2 songs – if you follow me on Twitter (@synerjes) / Snapchat (@jessicav_h) then you may know that I have recently learnt the ukulele, I have managed to write 3 songs, one needs a slight change in chords and another needs the last verse to be refined!
  5. Get into London – I am craving the city and its many photo opportunities, think of the Blog posts! :/
  6. Do one more Big Clear out – decluttering my stuff has been heaven, like… literally I love it, but I still have a lot of rubbish that needs dealing with – specifically the two huge bags of clothing I want to take to a charity shop!

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