My New Love… the t-shirt dress | Synerjes

I bought this T-shirt dress from H&M on a whim… it was the kind of day where as the rain fell harder on my windows I shopped more and more and soon my online basket was filled with all sorts of things – let me know if you’d like me to do a little haul! – I’d seen the t-shirt dress around (because I don’t live under a rock!) and loved the idea of it.
I am constantly sitting somewhere with a cute t-shirt on (embroidery is my favourite thing right now) but I was sure how it would look on me, I have to wear things that show off the little curves I do have otherwise I look like a boxy potato with messy hair! So wearing something that is literally a box was worrying, on the upside however, I didn’t need to worry about my little food pouch growing throughout the day.
It turns out that I absolutely love this dress, after all it is literally the best of both worlds, I feel happy in my familiar comfy t-shirt vibe and everyone else thinks I tried a lot harder than I did! H&M got the fit and style just right I think, the ones I had tried on before were either too tight or way too loose (I did get this one size up for good measure though!)
So here is my take on an outfit of the day I guess! I’ve never done one of these before, let me know what you think!!








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