Boyfriend Jeans and Red Roses |OOTD |Synerjes

For a long time I dodged the boyfriend jeans that were becoming so popular for many reasons, the first main reason being that I am not the biggest fan of my legs and didn’t think that drawing any attention to them other than wearing black skinny jeans was a good idea; the second main reason was that I NEVER could find the right pair, I tried every where from h&m and topshop to levi’s – none of them fit right!
My butt wouldn’t look great – i either had a huge one or wondered where it disappeared to!


My legs looked stubby, my ankles are quite slim but because of the muscle on my calfs, if the jeans cut off in the wrong place I look … strange to say the least.
It wasn’t until I was trying to hurry through Primark to get to the BodyShop that these jeans caught my eye, at first I ignored them if high end jeans didn’t fit right I doubt Primark’s would – they don’t have the right budget to carefully fit and factor in every shape and size – but by the third time I walked past and they called my name again I thought ‘what’s the harm in trying them on!’ and so off I went and found my new favourite pair of jeans!
At just £13 (i think) these jeans give me the right amount of butt, not too much calf but just the right amount of ankle! I like to wear them with my vans (the only shoe I DO wear right now) with hidden socks or cute little ankle socks like the ones I am wearing in the pictures below!
It might be worth adding that I DID get them in a size up! These are a size 12 – which isn’t far off my size because my hips are stupidly wide – which gives me a little extra room to breathe and lets them sit comfortably around my stomach as they are high-waisted!
You can dress them up with heels and a cute body or totally dress them down as I have done below!
I hope you enjoy!!







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