June Goals |Synerjes

I very briefly reviewed last months Goals and for the most part, I was successful! Which a I am pretty proud of, turns out that writing ‘em down does help! So, once again I will use my social media as a way to better my personal life and publish this months goals.

  1. Revise / Pass My Exams – I have a particular kind of hate for exam season… much like the rest of my age group does at the moment probably. I have completed two exams and have 4 more to go, a maths exam and 3 government and politics exams. I HATE them! I don’t mind government and politics too much… maths and I however get on like a spider and a fly… I am the fly most of the time… But that aside, the weather is only just starting to be … awesome… and I am stuck inside looking at maths equations and the layout for parliament!!
  2. Host an EPIC lalaland party!! – on the 22nd of this month I turn 19, so, on the 17th I am hosting a LaLaLand themed birthday BBQ! I am ridiculously excited, I have an amazing outfit (finally) and have convinced all of my friends and family to come 50’s /60’s inspired smart, there will -hopefully! – be good food, good music and good fun! Aggghhhh I’m so excited!
  3. Reach Charity Campaign Goal – as I just mentioned, this month is the month I turn the very boring age of 19… Not a lot happens at 19 does it? It’s like the equivalent to a filler YouTube video! – Yes I did just compare a birthday to a social media term… But ANYWAYS… Instead of asking for gifts, this year i am asking my family and friends (and anyone who is kind enough on the interwebs) to donate to my Charity Campaign page – it has all the information as to what it is but if you know anything about Charity: Water, you know they’re awesome! INSERT LINK HERE
  4. Wake Up Earlier – This is a goal from last months goal list of which I failed miserably at… but I am setting a better ‘technique’ shall we call it, in place (trap) and will soon be forced to get up and out of bed before 10am AT LEAST, thats the idea anyways, although my CFS may push it to 10/ half past!
  5. Relax – I have been SO stressed out for SO long! My procrastination obviously doesn’t help too much either but even now, when I am fully kicking myself up the arse, I am struggling to calm down, once the exams are over I intend on a few lie-ins (contradictory to my previous goal) and chilled out date spread over that following week! Then I can experience the awesome summer I have planned!

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