Goals for September

I really like having monthly goals, whether they’re personal for me to keep in my bullet journal, or if its goals that I share with you and post on here.

Being held and holding yourself accountable is a very good tool when it comes to sticking with what you said you wanted to do.
I like to keep my goals realistic yet also allow them to push me a little too, so, here are my goals for September!
  1. Complete and work on from the ‘rebrand’ – so, if you’ve been following my YouTube channel, you will know that I have been working on a whole new look and vibe across all of my socials, including here on the blog. Nothing too drastic is changing, I am simply both making everything a little more manageable and building a ‘look’ so that during this year out that I have, I can build on top of it. I have been working super hard on this and almost have it down, soon I’ll be able to move forward with a professional and relevant base – more to come on that later!
  2. Finalise Posting Schedule – this sort of ties in with the first point, however, I am experimenting with my posting schedule both on YouTube and here on the Blog. By the end of this month I would like to have found the right balance between the two.
  3. Blog, Blog and Blog again! – Previously I have tended to fall in and out of love with blogging but I always come back to it, which says something for itself anyways but I feel that I have this new found love for blogging again and that I have finally figured out how to express my self!
  4. Proper Morning Routine – Having CFS is a struggle… to say the least… but it has been super hard to deal of late, the first step to sorting out my sleeping pattern is setting out a proper morning routine, one in which involves me waking up before 11am!!
In August and through Newday, I really realised that I am not afraid to be me, I was sort of me before, but I remained the likeable, relatable version of myself through fear of people not liking me, what I make and all sorts of other stuff. To be honest with you, now, I no longer care what anyone thinks besides God and he has put me on this path for a reason so I intend on fulfilling this strange and interesting purpose he has given me.

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