My First Autumnal Outfit of the Year!

I decided last year that Autumn is my favourite season, its not so cold that as soon as you step outside you wish you had three pairs of gloves on rather than one but its not too warm that you die if you don’t feel like wearing shorts that day and attempt to wear jeans!
The excitement of summer is slowly leaving our systems so that the pumpkin flavoured everything can breakthrough – also christmas. I have been excited for Christmas since July also also…I love winter clothing, layering up, ankle boots, leaves falling and again… the build up to Christmas starts as soon as September begins and every one is thrown into school – this will be my first year of not going back to school or sixth form which is really strange for many reasons… I am thinking of writing a Blog Post about the routine of school etc… anyways – with all this in mind, now you might just understand why I was so excited to put this outfit together on a colder day we had recently, the photo shoot didn’t actually go to plan – whenever we reviewed the photos I wasn’t happy with them, I didn’t like my hair, or the way I was standing, or the way my butt looked or how short my legs are… and we got pretty bored pretty quickly which is why towards the end I just danced around like a nutter to get it over and done with. We did, however, get some shots that I love so let’s get on with it and take a look!!

I can’t remember where I got the shorts from but I love the way this Brandy Melville Sweatshirt has a huge amount of room for my manly shoulders to hide under, I liked the idea of wearing a round neck with a collar simply because you wouldn’t normally do that.








The collar its self is pretty cool too, it has little gems on alternate sides – a lot of people ask me if they’ve come off in the wash when I wear my hair down but I like it anyway!








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