The Stationary That Helps Me Keep My Life Together

As much as I reject the stereotypical ‘girl’ thing – I love stationary just like the next girl and that will never change, so I really enjoy using it to organise myself, blog posts and videos!
I thought I would share with you the things that I am using every day – send me your Holy Grail stationary through Twitter / Instagram (@Synerjes)


I bought this in Westfield London in the Typo store they have there – would definitely recommend, the vibe in that place is awesome!


I feel like this is pretty self explanatory – its my little list book!


I write all of my youtube thoughts / video ideas down in here
– if I am doing a scripted video or need to be referencing bullet points – I have this near by.


I love this notebook! This print is so gorj! This holds all of my Blog title ideas, shot lists, stats etc…
its a good way of keeping track.


This beauty is my bullet journal, I bought it from Home Sense (my favourite store at the moment) this really is
helpful in keeping me organised
– a blog post about it will be up on bullet journalling soon!
Special shout out to this beauty – This might sound weird to some, but you know when you find the
perfect pen that has a good weight and writes super nicely? That is this pen.
It is also gorrrrrgeous and has a little flamingo inside!
I told you I liked it… its so pretty it deserves two pictures!


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