I am a City Girl

Fields of green as far as the eye can see, flowers sprouting out the ground in unexpected places, cottages with roaring fires and birds chirping their little hearts out all sounds really great right? I love all of those things and everything else that living in the country side brings, the quiet nights and beautiful landscapes are not lost on me, neither is the luxury of living in a town with everything in walking distance and familiar faces nodding at you every where you go. But these places aren’t where my heart belongs nor where my dreams take me.
The hustle and bustle of strange smelling streets, the rush of people moving onto the next thing they plan to conquer, the concrete jungle and singers on street corners are where my mind flies away to at night.
I am a city girl, I travel into London as often as possible – I plan to move there next year – and New York City is my dream location!

It’s very hard to describe the love I have for dangerous dark alley ways – of which I avoid at all costs – tall buildings that make the city hotter than it should be and little gems of greenery – they are as rare as gems. There is something about being amongst a rush of no bullshit busy people who all have individual missions for the day – I feed off of the energy of a city.

London is a beautiful mixture of old and new, a birds eye view does not give you straight lines but layers upon layers of history, you can walk past the shard vs a 150 year old church!
NYC is bigger and better and badass, it is the ultimate place for hustlers and the beauty of its buildings outshines some of Londons weird designs (the walkie talkie for example… don’t get me started) in many ways.

So, here is some appreciation pictures for my two favourite places in the world.


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