Scented Candles Galore

Autumn has officially, well and truly arrived and I have no complaints about that! My favourite thing to do during these colder, cosier months is light a candle, sip a cup of tea and binge my life away on Netflix! Heres a peak at my FAVOURITE candles for the month ahead!!


This is literally like having this time of year in a candle for me! I LOVE Apple Spice scents!!! – a home sense buy


Another Spicey one, from Homesense


Home sense just sell the best candles okay?! LOVE this one, a little manly but theres something sweet about the scent too… love lighting this on a dark cold day!


Sometimes you just want a little reminder of summer, we’ve been having pretty cool days with a bit of sun here and there so on those days I like to remind myself of the summer I had with this fruity candle (home sense again…)


Last year I bought a TONNE of these Yankee Candles minis – they are ADORABLE and last a surprisingly long among of time and absolutely FILL the room with all things apple and spice goodness! I saved some over the spring and summer specifically for this time of year!


Another one from my saved collections – both were a favourite at the time so I made sure I stocked up!

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