Lip Colours I’ll be ROCKIN’ This Autumn

I don’t know about you but I thoroughly enjoy the Autumn season and one of my many favourite things about it, is the Lip Colours I get to break out!! *Insert heart eyes emoji here amiright??*

I am not a summer dresser… or a summer makeup wearer, I keep it as simple as possible because I hate the icky sweaty grossness that is my face at the end of a hot summers day with a full face on… Autumn however… The cold weather might mean a little more moisturising to keep me hydrated and not cold and dry but boy is it worth it for the golden eyeshadows and deep lips. Here is a list of the lip colours I have been looking forward to wearing since July!


One of my favourite go-to brands if I am looking for a product that will both last more than two weeks and feels good on the skin! This lip paint is so nice on the lips, doesn’t dry them up yet achieves a long lasting colour!

Tanya Burr

This was a gift to me for my Birthday from my little sister and I love it! I am trying to wear it as much as possible at the moment because I don’t think it has much life left before it becomes unwearable but it is the perfect colour for this time of year – my only negative is that it is sticky and you best not try and drink a cuppa joe wearing this – lipgloss every where!!




I am still deciding whether I like this pair, while the colours are beautiful, they definitely need layering which can cause problems with matte paints with too much build up and they tend to dry the lips (although not as badly as others have!) I’ll let you know how I get on with these but one thing we can’t deny is that for Autumn and Halloween they’re awesome!


This makeup brand has been on my radar for some time now, they get the job done, feel good when applying and have a lot of dupes for high end products which is why I was super excited to try these lip kits. I own three of these and if I have learnt one thing it is to both be gentle when applying and light, once dry these bad boys look awesome. The above shade is my favourite which is why it is included and I feel like it is a great transitional colour this year. 


Last but certainly not least, another product from my favourite brand at the moment! This is a beautiful dark nude that is so easy to apply so moisturising and always in my backpack! I cannot praise this enough – also, because it’s a lipstick with a matte finish there is no gross dryness or pulling of the lips as you apply it. 1,000% would recommend!!


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