My Autumn Bucket List

I’ve never attempted a seasonal Bucket List before… to be honest I didn’t really know they existed until this year but when I came across them I fell in love with the idea! How nice would it be to set some manageable goals and actually have completed them by Christmas? These are all things I would love to do anyways so why not make it official?

  1. Visit a PUMPKIN PATCH – I have never been to one before and get super jealous whenever anyone posts their adorable instas to the gram!
  2. Autumn Themed Photoshoot! – This is something else I have ALWAYS wanted to do, seasonal photoshoots in general are just so much fun! I feel like, while I am truly coming out of my shell in photography I can fully take advantage of the fallen leaves, beautiful colours and bright skies… there’s a blog post coming on the Autumn themed photoshoot I did with two friends of mine which I am SUPER excited to share!!
  3. Try a Pumpkin Spice Lattenever had one… ever. This year is the year!
  4. Enjoy a Bonfire + Fireworks! – every year my town hosts a HUGE bonfire and sets of thousands of pounds worth of fire works, it is a family tradition to go, warm up by the bonfire and watch the fireworks then make our way back through the dark and eery woods and drink hot chocolate and wear cosy pyjamas once we’re home! Every year is different and its one of my favourite things that we do together so it has to go on the list!
  5. Host a pancake making movie night! – Not necessarily the most Autumnal of activities but SO much fun, I’d love to share this little night of fun with some friends!
  6. Write an Autumn Song – still a work in progress! :/

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