Nail Colours I’ll be ROCKIN’ This Autumn!

I love experimenting with nail polish and creating little works of art! – don’t get me wrong, I am far from creating a tiny Mona Lisa on my pinkie but I am skilled at placed polka dots, aztec lines and coordinating colours.
Heres a list and a glimpse at the colours I’ll be busting out this Autumn!!

A good RED is essential around this time of year! This – alone with the other shades from AVON was a gift from a friend a few christmases ago and considering its not going on my face I will drag out its use for as long as possible!!


Similar to the last shade but a much deeper more of a berry-like shade. This is one of my go-to nail polishes if I want to feel particularly festive!!


I actually bought this during this last summer we had for a specific event but it has become one of my most worn nail polishes, I often just keep it on hand because I can just slap it on and I am good to go – Love a bit of Barry M 


Another shade from the christmas set – this tends to be the one I grab for a little pattern or random nail colour choice – I don’t like gold jewellery on me that much but gold nails are my FAVE


When I am not wearing red, gold or a comfy knitted jumper I am most likely wearing a dark blue, this nail polish matches more of my clothing items than i realised when I bought it! It’s also nice to change things up from the reds and metallics from time to time so a dark blue / navy is great!


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