How to Up Your INSTAGRAM GAME this Autumn

Everyone and their nan is on Instagram nowadays which means theres a lot of competition and people that you will want to stand out against if you actually want to grow your following. I have come across plenty of accounts that have no intention of making a living off of Instagram or even treating it ‘seriously’ but their Instagram Game is so strong that they have a fair amount of followers… If you want to grow on this platform it is important that you stand out against these people as well as everyone else out there!

Before we get into the nitty gritty of my specific tips for this Autumn I have to say a couple of things…Firstly; don’t copy. By all means go to Pinterest, check out your favourite accounts on the gram and see what inspiration you can draw from them but there is no point flat out copying another persons posts because you end up being found out anyway and its also just totally not cool…
Also, remember to tell your own story, no one else knows your experiences like you do and whether you believe or not, people are interested in you. So, if you’re stuck on a caption, let everyone know what you’ve been up to, where you took the photo, how many tries it took, if you’re excited about it! If you’re taking a photo of a flower or coffee – something that doesn’t really tell a story, hold the flower or the coffee, show your shoes in the background, hold it up and show everyone where you are, if you’re showing off an outfit, do a funny pose instead of a classic (and slightly boring one) if thats your thing, dance around and get someone to take your photo and see what the results are afterward – have fun!

Okay, now we have that out of the way, here are my top tips to upping your instagram game this autumn!!

1. Get outside! – What’s the best thing about Autumn for photography and instagram? Everything from the sky, the trees and the weather changes! If you have only ever shot something when its super warm and sunny, nows the time to shoot it whiles its raining! (and vice versa if you live on the other side of the world) Another way to be inspired is to literally go for a walk with your camera and a few props (travel coffee mug, fairy lights, scarf, a sibling to photograph etc) whilst it is golden hour! Golden hour is when the sun is rising and about to set, everywhere looks ten times more magical. Follow a path that you know well but take a few different turns along the way! Remember that the camera only sees a little square of your location so you could be shooting a brick wall next to a bunch of dustbins and garbage but no one needs to know that!





2. Light some candles!! – You could either do what I did in the example picture below and create a cute flat-lay photo (used a scarf as the background, literally threw some lights over it and Bob’s your uncle) or you could create a cute corner of your room by lighting the candle and adding a few homely props!


3. Show off your autumnal outfits – boy or girl, man or woman (and everyone in between) everyone slowly busts out the jackets and scarfs around this time of year, take advantage of that, do some detail shots and show people how you’re layering up or get someone to take a #ootd photo for you! If you’re not into showing your self, lay the clothes out nicely on some plain flooring, rug or duvet and add your accessories, shoes and little bits and bobs from your bag into the shot and it looks super cool! You can either go for the structured look where everything is nicely symmetrical, or the messier look where the clothes aren’t folded so neatly and the accessories etc are laying around randomly – make it personal to you!


4. Show of the Best Area that Autumn shines in your Town! – do you have a pathway lined with trees that are changing colours with the new season? Or a shopping mall that likes to hang up decorations? Maybe the view from your window looks great this time of year? Take pictures of it ALL! As soon as you walk the streets with a refreshed mind and a camera in hand – whether its a big fat camera or an iPhone – I promise you that you will see things you never saw before!

5. Finally, it wouldn’t be Autumn/Winter with out hot drinks would it? Snap your favourite hot drinks!! Whether this is in your favourite mug from home in the kitchen or a drink you love to get from the local coffee shop, show them all off! I’ve used a couple different examples, if you want to get the super autumn vibe, place a dark blanket in the background with some sporadically placed fairy lights and hold the coffee/tea/hot chocolate/ Autumny Drink of Choice closer to the camera you are using and it looks super cool!





Those are my tips on how to totally up your instagram game this autumn! Maybe you could post some of your photos to Pinterest if you’re not too keen on Instagram! Follow me on Pinterest for all of the seasonal vibes and also on Instagram to see how I have upped my Autumn Instagram Game too!
Feel free to Tweet me @Synerjes and show me any of the pictures you drew inspiration from – you can also tweet me your Pinterest account so we can always be inspiring to each other!!


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