My Autumn Must Haves

While Autumn is my favourite season it is also a time to remember to wrap up warm, brace the changing weather and keep our Mental Health in check as the mornings and evenings get darker and darker and the sun disappears into the clouds above.

Here are some of my Autumn Essentials I keep with me to make sure I am ready and prepared!!
1. Moisturiser – with the weather changing, our skin can get pretty dry, my skin is kinda strange and is super oily in some regions and super dry in others, making sure I keep it hydrated and moisturised not only keeps it happy but also makes me feel more confident (nobody wants a flaky nose…)
2. Rep Lip – A good Red lip makes me feel fierce, powerful and super festive!! It’s pretty much the only socially acceptable way in which I can celebrate Christmas in the months of October whilst the world is focused on Halloween (sigh).
3. Carmex – Keeping our lips nice and healthy is just as important as keeping our skin nice and healthy! The last thing you want is to be entering the best time of the year for all food consumption with a fat cold sore which makes it painful to even smile or dry lips that crack when you eat (I’ve been there, it hurts.)
4. Knee High Socks – In the season where boots make their annual comeback, knee high socks are a must. They not only look cute with hight boots or scrunched up just above ankle boots, but they also are a very cute way of keeping warm whilst stomping around in your wellies like you’re 5 again!
5. Candle – A good spicy woodland candle is my happy place with fairy lights on dark nights in my bedroom snuggled under the duvet with a hot chocolate and a good movie (or Netflix Binge!!) My favourites are always from Home Sense!
6. Book – I read this book all the time, its super cute and helps my writing in general, viewing the world through a little girls eyes all over again is so important to remembering how the innocent eyes of a younger Jess found fascination and beauty in everything she saw. This in turn helps with keeping my Mental Health in check, seeing the beauty in the world makes it easier to fight to stay in it and not space out or think about anything else but staying present and being happy. 
7. Finally (and I am truly sorry for ending on an odd number, it bugs me too!) My Blogging Notebook. This thing has become my favourite thing over recent weeks. I don’t know if you have noticed but I feel like I have finally found my ‘voice’ within photography and within writing and I feel like it has really impacted this blog in a positive way… for the first time in a long time I am genuinely proud and excited to share everything with you! This notebook is filled with doodles, bullet points and random thoughts (and has recently turned into an inspirational book of autumn / winter Ideas that I cannot wait to share with you!!
So there you have it! – Tweet me all of your Autumn Must Haves on Twitter – @Synerjes! OR Instagram!
Much Love! xx

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