Instagram challenges have always been my favourite things to look at/do. Not only do I get a tonne of different ideas based off of one prompt which make great ideas for if I am ever feeling creatively stuck but the whole ‘challenge’ part… which is kind of the whole point is really exciting to me, I have been doing them since I can remember – when I came a across a good one that is!

Since November is close (when you’re reading this i realise it is more than just close haha!) I thought I would honour one of my favourite things about the internet and create my very OWN November Instagram Challenge!!!!

I am very excited about this, the idea is, is that each day you are given a prompt (as written below) what ever comes to mind when you see the prompt of the day, you try and take a picture of or representing that! For example, one persons idea of ‘Adventure‘ might be a travel photo while another’s might be exploring in the local park! It is entirely up to you!!

Make sure you add #SynerjesNovemberChallenge to your post (and tag me in it if you like) so I can see your posts and feature you on my Insta story!!

Be sure to follow me @Synerjes on instagram so you can see my interpretation of the prompts too!!

I am beyond excited to do this with you! I hope you are too! Much love, xx

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